At Victorel

La Victorel is a traditional Romanian house dating from 1909.

That’s why you will find many unique objects, from water buckets, flour weighing containers, bread kneaders, old benches, towels and other cloths with German embroidered inscriptions that remind us of the Saxon influence in the area. While you sleep in extremely comfortable beds you will discover how the stable and the barn have turned into a pleasant place to socialize. Ideal for a day or evening of reading, playing board games or organizing a team building.

La Victorel is also a suitable place and offers all the necessary facilities for small private events.



Șura de "La Victorel" is a space where you can organize private events (anniversaries, weddings, baptisms), team buildings, conferences, with a capacity of about 30 people. We provide tables, chairs, retro projector, bar kitchen, toilet, and a spacious attic. The place can be just a living room with a library where you can sit with your family or friends for stories and enjoy board games, or a good book and a cup of buffalo milk. if you prefer to spend more time outdoors, in the fresh air, in the mountains. Of course, Sura together with the garden offers you the possibility of events with more than 30 guests.

If you wish to visit the area by bike, please feel free to reserve them before your arrival. They will then be ready upon your arrival.
The cost for renting is 50 lei per day and 80 lei for 2 days.

Oberwood reception details

For evening with friends around the pit fire, you will be able to choose your wine from a selection specially made for you from “ Le Manoir Comtesse du Barry“.




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